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As the name implies, a free standing wine cooler or wine refrigerator requires an open floor space, but obviously does not require any of the cabinetry installation associated with a built in bottle chiller. Assuming a proper electrical outlet is available, a free standing wine refrigerator is a plug and play unit that can be moved to your most convenient and accessible floor space. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the best location for a free standing cooler:

-Free standing wine coolers, especially those with compressor based cooling systems, require adequate space on all sides for proper exhaust ventilation.

-The wine chilling unit must sit level and evenly on the floor. Use a leveler to check the wine refrigerator’s balance. Make sure the floor is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the wine fridge. Some of the larger cooling units can weigh greater than 100 pounds before any bottles are put into the unit.

-Make sure the fridge is situated in your home’s coolest spot. Do not place the wine chilling unit in direct sunlight or near heat generating appliances. In general, coolers are made to operate in ambient temperatures of about 75 to 78° Fahrenheit. Do not force the wine fridge to work harder than necessary to keep your wine properly stored and cooled. Garages, sheds or non-air conditioned areas outside of the house are not recommended areas for these units.

-Do not overload the electrical outlet that the unit is plugged into. To be wine cellar , have the wine chiller be the only electrical device that is plugged into the electrical outlet.

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