Dining Sets for Entertaining Outdoors

Not so many years ago, entertaining outdoors was only a seasonal pursuit. In the north, the winter months were too cold and in the south the summers far too hot. But with modern conveniences such as Florida rooms, heating and air conditioning and modern furnishings, entertaining outdoors is now a year round proposition.

Today, families and friends can gather in the comfort of their balcony, porch or deck for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a romantic getaway for just two under candlelight. Recognizing this, designers have taken a page from their interior designs, bringing lovely dining sets to the outdoors that are stylish, easy to maintain and which will allow the entire family to fit around a single table.

When selecting dining sets for the outdoors, you want to keep in mind a few things. First is size. You want to pick a table that will give you all the seating you need for the average gathering. Some models even allow you to add leaves to the table, allowing them to scale to the occasion. You need to be careful though and not get too carried away with size. You want it to be scaled to the space you have available. You don’t want one that is so large that you can’t easily move about the deck or patio when you’re not entertaining or dining.

The vast majority of dining sets come with four or six Wicker Dining Sets chairs. Some come with eight and even 12, especially models that have removable leaves.

Selecting the style you like is a very personal decision. Suffice it to say that no matter what your tastes are-traditional, contemporary, transitional, rustic, eclectic, modern-chances are very good you’ll find dining sets for the great outdoors that are perfect for you. As we said, designers have gone to great lengths to adapt indoor designs to the outdoors.

What you’ll want to pay particular attention to is the materials your dining sets are constructed of. Different climates and regions will be better suited to one style over the other. For example, steel and wrought iron can be good choices for the north, but may be too hot to the touch in the south during the middle of summer. Wicker is always a good choice, as is aluminum, glass and teak. In fact, teak dining tables can be one of the best choices, given their durability, beauty and warmth. Best of all, the furniture will turn silvery gray as it ages, but you can always restore its original honey-gold color with some teak cleaner, keeping your dining sets looking beautiful all year long.

Since dining sets can be fairly large items to sell in traditional brick and mortar stores, you may find your best selection online. There, retailers can offer dining sets year round so that even if you start planning for summer in the dead of a snowy winter, you can still find inventory and perhaps even some great sales. Best of all, you don’t have to fight the rotten weather outside to pick up your purchase. The most reputable online retailers offer free shipping on your order, which means you don’t even have to lug the box very far once it arrives at your home.

If you do live in a seasonal region, you may want to bring your dining sets indoors during the winter months. If you decide to leave them outdoors to weather the elements, you want to make sure they are properly covered with the right patio furniture cover and that the cushions are cleaned, dried and brought inside for the winter. Be sure you don’t bag them up, however. This can lead to the formation of mold and mildew.

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