Do You Know These 6 Secrets About How Pick Up Girls?

“How to pick up girls” is a term people seem to have some confusion about. For those who are still wondering what is the actual meaning – to attract girls, anticipating a possible sexual encounter. Since the need itself boggles the mind of people, people wish to find out the actual way to get successful, but lack the proper direction and ideas. Basically, it all depends on how you come out in front of the person, because your presentation is going to influence about their thoughts about getting involved with you. If getting successful with the act is your goal, then some of the things you need to take care of are:

Tip #1: Look good. It matters A LOT –

The first thing that everyone is going to tell you on how to pick call girls in islamabad up girls is to dress smartly. No matter how good you are at your mind or heart, the first thing a girl is going to see is you. So, be prepared to get critically analyzed. Your clothes, your hairs, your deodorant and the way you move are going to be the primary factors for your grading.

Girls usually form an image of you based on your looks even before they’d have talked with you for the first time. So, when you leave the home, make sure that you’ve got everything covered. Don’t “over” it. Be balanced in that aspect. A mild and fresh fragrance can work wonders. Your hair need not be in a particular fashion. Just keep them dandruff and dirt free. It can drive away any girl from you even before you realize.

Tip #2: Present yourself well –

When you’ve passed a girl’s scrutinizing looks, you’ll most probably be approached. That is where your performance makes or breaks the deal. Girls look for many things which can bring them closer to you.

Your confidence is the first of it. When asked about a general thing that a guy doesn’t even know about, a confident answer (which might be all made up and based on speculation) can get him a good start. Sometimes, it is not about the information. Rather, it is about the way in which it is conveyed. A fine manner of conversing with a girl involves your command over your knowledge, over what you are speaking and your confidence while presenting it.

Tip #3: Signs and Signals –

Everyone who you ask for tips on how to pick up girls is going to tell you to look out for the special signs. Signals are something that every girl will give away. It is not just about a mating call. It is about everything that a girl is feeling and experiencing in her mind at the moment.

Understanding of sign language is a must, and a great skill to have in your repertoire, if you have any intention of getting along well with a girl, and hopefully, impressing her enough to get involved. Her signals and body language can tell you about what she is thinking of you. A disinterested and casual attitude can be a turn off for either side. Try to remain focused and concentrate on what she is saying. Your attention is after all one of the most basic things that she is seeking. Give signals to show her that you are interested in her. It will help her feel a little better about taking things ahead with you.

Tip #4: Eye contact –

People all around ponder on the secret of how to pick up girls, without realizing that it is one of the simplest things – Eye contact. It is definitely one of the things that decide your future plan of action with a certain girl. Well, this could’ve been discussed in “Signs and Signals” or “Present yourself well”, then why dedicate a separate heading for it, you might ask. This is because eye – contact is a recklessly underestimated aspect of a conversation with any girl. When you are talking with her, make sure that you look into her eyes.

The reason for doing that is because eyes are truly the window to the mind. One can decipher the thoughts by carefully reading the eyes. Also, a good and steady eye – contact is sign of confidence.

Tip #5: Flirt –

Flirting is essential to make your approach specific and effective. It sends across the message that you are open for a possible fling, and shows your interest in the person. A healthy and playful flirting approach is needed, as it makes the other person comfortable with you, and enjoy the interaction.

Then, you’ve got to decipher the incoming replies from the girl in front of you. With a well-played out act, the girl might just be interested enough to call it in.

Tip #6: Experiment and improvise –

In the end, no source can guide you better than you own instincts on how to pick up girls. The art of picking up girls is like any other, and has room for experimenting and improvising. If you are on the prowl, you better be ready to adopt the perfect strategy to handle the girl who you encounter. All it requires is for you to be smart, natural and present in the situation. Read the girl’s body language, form a plan in a moment’s time, and execute.

Remember – Survival of the fittest involves evolving and adapting, and it is the force that sustains life.

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