How to Handicap a Horse Race to Win

Welcome to the world of horse racing handicapping. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie hopefully this article will have something that will teach you how to handicap a horse race better or remind you of something that you already knew. Many times its better to be reminded than taught something and can put some good money in your pocket.

Today I will cover just some simple things to look at when you are trying to handicap a horse race. It can be very overwhelming especially for a new person on all the different statistics and methods for picking the winner of the next race but if you just break it down to a few simple principles you can make some money while having fun as well.

So lets kick things off with you going to the track or printing the program off you favorite site what are some of the first things to do. If you talk to 10 different handicappers in the horse racing world they will more than likely give you 10 different answers. I will just go with what has been very effective for me and many others as this is a consensus of the best handicappers in the country.

As you look at today’s race the first dato carrera americana thing you want to do is decide who is the favorite in today’s race. When I say favorite I mean who is the morning line favorite. People may say well the favorite is whoever has the best odds before the horses blow out of the gate but this is not true when I say favorite I am talking about morning line favorite only. The reason why is someone who is very knowledgeable in all the horses in this particular race and this is what they do for a living. They went through each horse and assessed it with the odds for winning the particular race.

So you may have heard that favorites win 33% or around that every race. This may sound very good to you and lean you toward the favorite in that race but this also means that they lose 67% of the time. Yes that is right the morning line favorite loses 67% of the time!! So don’t use this in the completely wrong direction but definitely notate who is the favorite of the race.

Now if the horse that is the favorite is the hands down winner of the race then its in the 33% but if not be careful. What I like to do is get to the point where I can visualize the race in my head before it starts and play it out in my mind. That way when the race kicks off you can make your selections based on what is already happened. If you are good in your handicapping when the horse nails the finish line that is what you visualized. Not sure where to fit this in but if you are looking to win in horse racing the best way is to hit a pick 6 or too. That’s it you can break even and go back I forth but if you really want to win in horse racing go after the pick 6 and click on link who wrote the article for more info. That is just a side note. Anyway back to looking at the track as you go through each horse you are looking at the running style. Make a notation on each horse if it’s a front runner a horse who in the past like to take the lead and stay there or if it’s a closer one that comes from behind at the end. Many programs already give you this information. It also might be a stalker who stays a bit off the lead and pounces at the end. By notating each horse you begin to visualize the race.

After this I look at the previous race and today’s race and put a down arrow or up arrow on whether it is lowering in class or going up. Is it taking on a weaker class than before or is it taking on a stronger class. The trainer will maneuver them according to their performance in last race or another hidden factor that maybe only he knows.

After you notate that a thing I have been doing lately is looking at par times. If you go through each horse and see the past races and notice it runs the 1 mile at 1:38, 1:39, 1:37 respectively and the other races never run the mile under 1:40 then that is something to note because one second is a big deal in horse racing.

If the horse has not run this year or in awhile it is not a big deal as some people make it out to be just make sure it has two solid recent workouts under his or her belt. The next thing I look at is the previous races and if its use to running higher or lower class races. If its always competing against a strong field and gets a weaker one today then this could be the time it wins!

Look at the odd of the previous races.. if you see the public really liked its odds on a 50k claiming but it lost and not its in a 15k claiming.. look out this one might be the one to beat.

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