Il Lottery : General Information and History

The Il Lottery was inaugurated on June 1, 1974. The Lottery released its first tickets immediately afterwards by distributing them at more than 7, 000 retailers statewide. It has offered new games on a continuous basis and thus, by its 30th wedding (2004), the Lottery launched a special $3 million “Second Chance Promotion”. This marked the biggest total prize offered in money for a second-chance promotion in the state of Illinois’ history. The promotion consisted of 20 each week paintings for $100, 000, and a Grand Prize of $1 million, an “Anniversary Party”, the launching of 7 even new instant games featuring the wedding theme offering over $100 million in prizes.

Presently, the Il Department of Revenue is in charge of managing and operating the Lottery, and it runs under the direct watch of Superintendent Ron Group. Il Lottery games include Lotto, Little Lotto, the Big Game, Pick 3, Pick 4 and a great variety of exciting instant games. All Il Lottery proceeds are returned to the state of Il, which is the common School Fund to assist supporting actions and projects for K-12 public education within the state.

The Il Pick3 is launched in 1982, receiving beautiful response from the Lottery customers. Two years later, Pick4 and respectively Lotto were wanted to the public for the first time. It took 12 months before Lotto gained its Quick Pick feature, by which the port randomly decides your numbers, and in 1985 Pick3/ Pick4 were the next to be upgraded with the same feature.

Lotto Registration started at the beginning of 1986 and then Illinois’s Result Toto macau Little Lotto in 1995. During the same year, the largest Lotto prize to go to a single winner was worth by the Il Lottery with a sum of $45 million; this record was and then the largest North american Jackpot of $363 million in 2000. At the beginning of 2002, The Il Lottery has announced its 1000th Millionaire, who was a Lotto winner of $9million.

In 2004, the Hugely Millions reaches a high of $294 million, won by Geraldine Williams of Lowell, Ma. This is the highest single-winner payout in the history of Hugely Millions/Big Game. During the same year, the Second-Annual Big Ticket (Boleto Gigante) promotion was launched, with two players winning expense-paid trips to the 2004 Latin Music Awards in Miami, Florida.

The Lottery ended Money Year 2004 with the highest-ever sales totaling $1. 7 billion, and Common School Fund transactions of $570 million.

The Lottery started its collaboration with the Sony Corporation and launched the moment ticket Sony Xtreme in 2004. This ticket offers the chance to instantly win Plasma Television or up to $25, 000.

In 2005, Il Lottery completed another record money year as its highest-ever sales reached $1. 84 billion, which allowed the Il Lottery to transfer a record amount of $614 million to the Common School Fund. Instant ticket sales had a record of $904 million.

Pick ‘n Play was launched in 2003, a new online game that combines both instant and online flash games. To play, customers selected one of more play cards (that look like instant games without a scratch area) and take them to the Lottery counter for purchase/activation; the Lottery clerk reads the play card, producing an online ticket that is used to play game up against the play card.

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