Jeunique International – Is the Colesce Couture Division a Lucrative Business Venture?

Colesce Couture a division of Jeunique International was founded in Southern California by Mr. Mulford J. Nobbs in 1959. Mr Nobbs built the company on the foundation that “if he helped his distributors help others”, his company would be successful. This motto has enabled both the Jeunique and Colesce products and business opportunity to become a very popular with women around the world. Mr Nobbs initially offered the Colesce bras, its extremely successful premier product line. The popularity of this product lead to the lingerie products and these products were followed by the beauty products and the rest of their product line. Under his leadership these products are now available in many countries including the US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Thailand, Ukraine, and many more. Mr Nobbs has realized his vision by providing woman the opportunity to build a business selling his products and recruiting other women to do the same.

As mentioned above, the company offers a wide variety of of products lines that help improve the lives of women. These products lines include:


  • Skin Care – including cleansers, toners, Business in Ukraine  moisturizers, and refiners, masques, and cremes
  • Body Care – including shampoo, conditioners,deodorants, toothpaste, and lotions
  • Nutrition – including, diet pills, snax, vitamin supplements, anti-oxidants, and many more
  • Shapewear – including shape up, nu-shape, tummy tuck, posture perfect, pregnancy support
  • Lingerie – including sleep wear and lounge wear for men and women

These product offers just about everything a women needs to feel good, look good, and thrive everyday. These products coupled with the business opportunity, makes this a very appealing proposition for any woman who wants to spend their lives helping other women.


Distributors build their business soliciting parties privately hosted by their customers and by person to person sales. They receive 35% to 55% commissions on their personal sales and the sales of their organization. As their business grows, they will also receive:


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