Network Marketing – Turn Your House Into a Product House

If you are in network 宣傳短片製作 marketing, then you should have products to sell. If you have products to sell, those products should be displayed in your home.

This holiday season consider having get-togethers at your home so that others can see your home.

One of the strongest memories I have is attending a meeting at the home of a distributor for a basket company. The meeting had nothing to do with baskets, but her home had baskets all over the place. There were baskets on the walls and on the tables. Baskets were used to hold the snacks and baskets were used to collect the trash.

Many of the people who came for this meeting asked for catalogs and placed orders. These orders were a results of her having people in her home.

If you do not have your products displayed in your home, why not? When someone comes into my house, not only will they see products, there are also catalogs all around the house and plaques on the walls from various awards I’ve won.

The winter months are a wonderful time to have people into your home for any number of reasons. Here are just a few reasons to have others into your home:

1. Football party – The guys can watch football, the women can gather in another room and just spend some social time together.

2. Scrapbooking party – If you enjoy scrapbooking, invite some friends over and each of you can work on your albums while sharing supplies. It’s a great way to use up some of your scrapbooking supplies and also get the chance to use small amounts of other people’s supplies.

3. Card making party – Making greeting cards is a lot of fun. I own quite a few rubber stamps, pens and other card making supplies. How fun to spend a few hours socializing and creating greeting cards together.

4. Game night – I love to play games both board games and card games. Invite a few couples over for a night of Pictionary or a night of Scrabble.

5. Kids’ parties – What child does not enjoy a party? Have the girl scout troop with parents over to work on one of their badges. Have the boy scout meeting at your home and invite parents to stay and enjoy some snacks.

These are just five reasons you can have others into your home. Make your home a reflection of the products you sell and then invite others into your home for meetings and parties.


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