Your body Is Nothing Short of A miracle

If i were to ask you ‘Who or what are you physically? ‘your first response might be, Can occur, I know who I am at a physical level, after all I’ve been living in this body my entire life. That’s not an uncommon reply, but it is not one that gets to the heart of this question: who are you at the core physical level? Not what your name is, or what you do or what you look like, but who or what are you at the fundamental level of body?

The easy answer is, that at the basic level you are an unbelievably complex bunch of areas, tissue, muscles, fluids, bone fragments, teeth and joints that (usually) all work together wonderfully to keep the ‘me’ that you think you are alive and functioning. There’s nothing earth-shattering in that answer to be sure, but it does provide a segue to another ucdm location question, which is, have you ever just for a few moments given any thought whatsoever to all of the activities that occur in your body without your conscious involvement? This excerpt from Deepak Chopra’s book Timeless Body, Timeless Mind provides some uncovering information the many events that are taking place within your body, literally every second that you are alive:

A hundred things you pay no awareness of — breathing, control, growing new cells, repairing damaged old ones, cleansing toxins, protecting hormonal balance, changing stored energy from fat to blood sugar levels, dilating the enrollees of the eyes, raising and lowering blood pressure, maintaining steady body temperature, balancing as you walk, shunting blood to and from the muscular tissues that are doing the most work, and sensing movements and sounds in the surrounding environment — continue continually.

In addition to those second-to-second activities, your body is gradually going through long-term changes as well. For example, by the end of one year, ninety-eight percent of the atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones, and by the time seven years have passed, your body will have completely replaced itself on a cell-by-cell basis. Amazingly, the stomach lining actually replaces itself every five days, the skin replaces itself every, the lean meats replaces itself every six weeks, and believe it or not, even the skeleton replaces itself every 11 weeks! And most important, all of this occurs without a single bit of conscious effort on your part. Consider also that every time consumed something, your body automatically takes that food source and breaks it into its component parts, uses what it takes, and discards what cannot be used as waste. What if you possessed to consciously control the the disgestive system process? Can you even comprehend all of the actions you would need to direct just to process a single part of bread? We take so much for granted about our bodies, yet most of us are quick to complain the moment that something within us is not functioning properly.

Your body is genetically coded to keep you alive, and if you do not try really hard to do something to inhibit its safeguarding, it will do everything in its power to preserve your health and life. A great example of this tendency toward perfect health is the anatomy’s immediate respond to injury. Whenever you cut yourself in a minor way, as you well know, it is merely a matter of moments before the injury begins to heal itself by first clotting the blood in your neighborhood, and then immediately needs to rebuild the damaged tissue. It is literally remarkable that this numerous activities is occurring within you at all times, and you effectively have nothing regarding it, as the God-Force is softly and efficiently taking care of every piece of information. If you temporarily stop for a moment right now to think about all of this, there in fact is no other way to describe your whole physical life as being anything less than a complete miracle. However, how many of us really sit down to understand that miracle on a daily basis? Granted it’s tough to do this, especially in our incredibly hectic world, but just the tiniest awareness you get for that miracle every day will improve your experience of the Divine brains that accounts for that miracle.

To grow this knowing of the wonder that you actually are, begin right now to acknowledge the miracle that your person is, and the extraordinary activities it performs on a daily basis. For example, make best efforts each day to take a minute or two from your busy schedule to silently thank your body for control the meat and for removing toxins and waste. In addition, at the end of each day, take some time to express gratitude to your heart for keeping you alive another day, and likewise to all of your other areas, tissue, muscles, bone fragments and joints for their collective efforts on your part.

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